Baby Massage classes are available in Heaton Moor, Houldsworth  Mill Stockport, Poynton, Motram Hall call or email for next class in your area subject to numbers. Min 6 max 8.

Smaller classes available  in the comfort of your own home get together with a few friends.

  Baby Massage is becoming very popular in UK, but it has been used for thousands of years, in many cultures as an important part of an infant’s daily routine. Maria’s Baby Massage courses are friendly and relaxed. Classes are designed for infants from birth to crawling, up to 1yr. It is a simple and practical routine.

The course follows The International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) which established international recognition since 1992, but has been training instructors since 1978. The course is designed to show parents and caregivers how to safely massage their infant with confidence.

The massage strokes consist of Indian massage, Swedish massage, reflexology and gentle yoga style exercises.It is encouraged that you to continue the massage strokes as part of your normal routine.

Benefits of Baby Massage for you and your infant

  • Enjoyable, non intrusive, non pharmacological experience that gives life long benefits to you and your infant
  • Stimulates the production of  hormones that help you and your infant to relax, (oxytocin and serotonin)
  • Decreases stress hormones in you and your baby. Improves self regulation, improved coping mechanisms
  • Promotes regular sleep patternsPromotes baby-parent attachment, enabling basic communication skills through all the senses
  • Builds respect and trust between you and your babyHelps build parents and babies’ self esteem and confidence
  • Facilitates body awarenessImproves knowledge about your baby’s development
  • Helps  develop an increased understanding of your baby’s cues and responses
  • Stimulates brain developmentImproves muscle tone , flexibility and coordination. Improves skin condition, blood circulation, immunity and digestion
  • Stimulates lactation. Helps with the relief of colic, constipation, teething pains, excess mucus, tension, sensitivity to touch
  • Provides social opportunity to meet other parents. Improves parenting confidence. Encourages positive involvement from fathers.
  • Quality one to one time. Evidence has shown that it enhances maternal sensitivity and improves infant interaction in mothers who are suffering from postnatal depression

Baby Massage can also be adapted for the growing child, enforcing the power of positive touch and keeping the channels of communication open between you as they get older.